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  1. opsudrania said

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    Pakistan blocks TV channels for covering attack on army HQ
    ► Retweetby DPA on October 10, 2009

    Islamabad, Oct 10 (DPA) The Pakistani government Saturday blocked the transmissions of four private news channels as they were covering a stand-off at the military headquarters in Rawalpindi where six soldiers died and two militants were believed to be holding a number of officers hostage.

    Geo, SAMAA, Express News and ARY News were taken off the air, officials of the television networks said.

    ‘We have no idea why our transmissions are blocked. We were only airing live what was going on at the scene,’ said the news controller for Geo television Ansar Naqvi over telephone from its head office in Karachi.

    An official from SAMAA television, who identified himself as Ammar, said the transmissions were mainly suspended in the main cities like Islamabad, Karachi and Lahore.

    ‘We have been informed that the transmissions would soon be restored,’ he added.

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    1 Dr. O. P. Sudrania October 11, 2009 at 4:21 pm

    These are the same people who are crying sham slogans on Kashmir and Afghanistan to divert the attention of the world community and their own people for their utter failure at home front as well as at international level. Blocking the mass media is an infringement on the basic human rights and they want to survive by the disinformation campaign by keeping their own people in complete darkness of the truth. As I always say,”It is easy to preach if we do not have to fear of being proved wrong.” This is what is known as character assassination of a race that is more explicit in Pakistan, though unfortunately, but India can not escape the heat, being an immediate neighbour. I hope the ‘OIC’ is watching it too with their disdain. Musharraf, Sharif, Zardari, Jeelani, A Q Khan & Inc. are all busy in saving their skin for repeated falsifications commited in past.

    This is deliberately allowed by the western powers who preach one thing and practice another thing. They are quick to use their trump cards of Human Rights Bodies and Freedom of Speech, UNO and so on; God only knows as to how many types of fake non-political weapons have they designed for their spy network all over the world for achieveing their low desires combined with high intelligence. I wonder, where are those staunch supporters of ‘Democracy in Pakistan’? Today Pakistan has an elected ‘Government’ as compared to the fascist regime of Musharraf. Why are those guardians of democracy watching it tacitly being strangled? Is it because it suits them to do so. Of course a face saving statement is all that is needed from the pedestals of the guardians of democracy.

    They keep meddling and poking their nose in every body’s affairs, but forget the slogan of Abraham Lincoln,”Ballots are the rightful and peaceful successors to bullets.” The media constitutes a powerful and cetral pillar of the concept of ‘Modern Democracy’. But if we allow the rightful institutions and pillars of democracy being demolished and watch it tacitly and repeatedly being demolished under our nose, we are no less guilty ourselves. Aiding and abetting is far bigger crime than by those who actually commit it.

    ‘Decieve and Rule’ can not last long. That is why one ought to learn to live in ‘Truth’ because it is the ‘Truth’ and ‘Truth’ alone that lasts and lives. Same way, only those who live in ‘Truth’ also last and live. Wake up and realise the truth and learn to live. Let us again remember the founding father of United States of America, Thomas Jefferson, “Force is the vital principle and immediate parent of despotism.”

    This is the hard fact of of life nobody wants to realise. I only wish that the Pakistani leadership realises it sooner. How many more Bhuttos do they want to sacrifice before they want to realise the ‘Truth’.

    Before I finish, would like to recall a Vedic dictum,”Dharmo rakshati rakshitah” (Guard the Righteousness, the Righteouness will Guard you). The founding fathers of Pakistan wanted the ‘Dominion of Pakistan’ based on a sacred religion – “Islam”. Have they been able to guard the righteousness of Islam, the World would be watching them keenly for an answer – not by preaching but by practicing. They have to severely answer it standing at their cross roads.

    God bless and good sense prevail.

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