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Narendra Modi’s interview with ABP News

Posted by George on April 23, 2014

I had heard the entire Interview and it was a masterpiece. He was at his best. He deserves far more than just PM job.

Indian Realist

Narendra Modi’s interview with ABP News aired on April 22, 2014. It is a master piece. ABP News is a Cong stooge yet Modi came out of the ambush shining. Another thing I noticed is that the interviewers copied the style of Aap Ki Adalat of Rajat Gupta.

Rough transcript of the interview:

Q. Why should one vote for Modi?

A (Narendra Modi): 2014 poll has brought hope. There is distrust, stagnancy and immense corruption around. On one hand people are hugely disappointed and on the other hand people are thinking whether there is a place where such dirty politics doesn’t exist? Will the country run with a squabble (tu tu main main). BJP with its track record has developed a trust among the people. This is on the basis of good governance and other is of development. Country needs a change and even the poor people now realise it…

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