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A Mother – Define

Posted by George on September 21, 2009

There are three mothers:
(1) The Mother gives birth to all of us
(2) The Mother Tongue – The Language we learn from parents
(3) The Mother Land – The Land where we are born

All three deserve our respect and adherence. Whereas we should all love our own mothers, never commit the mistake of pointing fingers at othres’ Mothers. Remember, when we point fingers at others, we point one at others and three at ourselves. It is not just philosophical but true in practice. That is why, it is said that do not engage in slander, disparage and libels against others.

Why Mother is important:
(1) The First  Mother gives us birth and suffers the agony of bearing us in her womb till we are mature enough to deliver safely into this hostile world.
(2) The Second  Mother confers on us our identity.
(3) Lastly, the Third  Mother nurtures and sustains us for the rest of our life.

All three are equally important and deserves our respect. It is wisely said: PARENTS = PAY RENTS. We can do it by showing our respects and by loving and serving them reverentially for the rest of their and our lives.  The obligation and debt is so heavy that it can not be reimbursed and indemnified by repayments, either in cash or kind for the rest of our worldly sojourn.  This determines our moral and human values, which are so important for a peaceful coexistence in the society wherever we live.

I now leave you with this little thought provoking spiritual odyssey. Please do send me your valuable feedback and comments. God bless you.


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